Adult role models should be aware of the potential and the dangers of cyber tools that our children have access to at a very young age. Topics convered include AUP, Hilton's cyber survey, cyber bullying, cyber predators, and social networking.

This is a continuation of the Part One Cyber Safety, Security and Ethics class offered in the Fall of 2009. Topics covered include NCMEC, Teen Online Survey, Cyber Myths, Copyright, Fair Use, Spam & Hoaxes, and Social Media.

Participants in this course will be learning about taking an online course as well as examining issues, trends and tools in education in a technology rich world. This represents PART 1 of the course. Participants are encouraged to also take PART 2 when they have completed this course.
This is a continuation of Part 1. Issues and trends in technology and education will continue to be examined and discussed in this Part 2 course, focusing on a variety of social media and on the vision of School 2..
Lori Burch will be facilitating participation in the K-12 Online Conference. This conference provides outstanding opportunities for free, collaborative, accessible professional learning for educators around the globe. The K-12 Online Conference invites participation from educators around the world interested in innovative ways Web 2.0 tools and technologies can be used to improve learning.
Test site for Moodle Mania
This course is designed to enhance and support the Northwood Assistive Technology Study Group as participants learn how to use a variety of tools to support students in their classrooms with special needs.
This course will be used to supplement and extend the work of the Northwood Elementary Technology Study Group
This course will be used by the Village Elementary Technology Study Group for building specific discussion, instruction and projects. It will also serve as an "assignment" guide for those study group members working toward inservice credit.
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